Personal Chef



Special events

Romantic dinner, Birthday, Teambuilding or Wedding, at all these events the preparations chosen for the guests are an important part of the success.

Whatever your event, our chefs can make it unforgettable with surprising dishes and impeccable service.


Daily menus

Forget worrying about queues at the supermarket, choosing the right dishes or spending hours in the kitchen.

Our chefs can take care of all this for you, so that you always have fresh, tasty and new food available, regardless of your current food preferences.


Gift voucher

Regala l'esperienza di gustare cibi
cucinati da uno chef personale.

Culinary gifts for romantic dinners or family gatherings even more special than those at your favorite restaurant.


Protein / FIT / Vegetarian Menu

Take back control of your diet with menus designed specifically for anyone who wants to keep fit, lose weight or follow a different diet.

Now it's more affordable than ever to eat healthy, home-cooked meals.


Unique international cuisine menus

Surprise your taste buds with a menu that will remind you of the specialities you tried on your last holiday.

Savor exotic dishes and enjoy the spectacle of having a private chef in your home.


Due to the current situation caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, we have developed the following protocols to minimise any possible risks of contamination for our chefs and customers:

  • ✓ Use of gloves and face mask while performing a service;
  • ✓ Frequent hand washing between handling raw and cooked food;
  • ✓ Thorough cooking and correct handling of raw meat products.
Because viruses are sensitive to heat, cooking food to the right temperature is essential. Surfaces and objects, including glasses, plates, bowls, cutlery or any other material used for serving should be cleaned thoroughly and as frequently as possible. Tableware should be placed on the table before the service begins (especially before guests are seated).

If you opt for our daily meal cooking service, the price range for 2 people is 750-1000 lei/week, depending on the dishes chosen and the number of visits of the chef. This price includes the ingredients, the cooking of the dishes and the cleaning of the cooking space at the end, as well as the travel of the chef and the bringing of the necessary utensils.

In the case of events, the price varies mainly according to the number of people to be catered for and the culinary specifics chosen.

We invite you to send us your request and our specialists will present you with the most suitable options for your budget and culinary preferences as soon as possible.

Our chefs can cook dishes to suit everyone's taste. Whether we're talking breakfast, lunch or dinner dishes, special platters, grilled or grilled meats, exotic menus or traditional dishes, our chefs will be the perfect guides on your culinary travels. Send us your preferences in the #sectionIwantChef\">I want a chef request and we will find the best chef for you.

A chef for hire can offer you:

  • ✓ Unique menus for your individual or family preferences and needs;
  • ✓ Purchase the freshest and highest quality ingredients, even before visiting your home;
  • ✓ Travel to your home and preparation of the agreed preparations;
  • ✓ Arranging and storing food in your fridge;
  • ✓ Cleaning utensils and the cooking space.

Because we are dedicated to excellence in the kitchen, we work with leading local suppliers of grains, fruits and vegetables, dairy and meat.

We never use semi-prepared and frozen ingredients and pride ourselves on always creating menus from scratch.

The personalisation of our services consists of:

  • ✓ Choose from menus created by our chefs or build your own;
  • ✓ The possibility to work with your favourite chef from those registered on the platform;
  • ✓ Using your own ingredients when preparing meals or opting for ingredients purchased by the chef;
  • ✓ Portion sizing.

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