Personal Chef

Menu Seafood


Shrimp soufflé - 150 gr.

Main beam

Tuna tataki in sesame crust with soybean sprouts - 200 gr.


Bavarian cream - 80 gr.


The seafood menu is one worthy of a royal dinner, perfect for trying out the experience of having it cooked for you by a personal chef.

The menu starts with a tasty starter, continues with a Japanese main course and is rounded off with a fresh and refreshing dessert.

If you like fish or seafood dishes, order this menu for as many people as you like and you're sure to notice the differences from the dishes you try in a restaurant.


Includes 1 starter,
1 main course and 1 dessert.

Prepared by the chef
in front of you.

Average cooking time:
50 minutes


78 EURO / persona